“The learning environment is inviting and exciting for the children. Families are warmly welcomed by
staff, who offer support, advice and help when it is sort. Children seem to be extremely happy and


The Outdoor Environment

We believe that all children should be able to access outdoor play all year round. Outdoor play is a vital part of a child’s development, learning and enjoyment. Being outdoors allows the children to experience and explore their natural environment. We have a partially enclosed outdoor environment which links directly to the main play room.


Group Time

We offer regular group sessions, where the children and adults come together to learn and have fun. Each day we cover a different area of learning to share our experiences, and take turns to talk and listen to each other.

Activities include:

  • Music and movement including instruments, dance, resources e.g. stretchy fabric, feathers

  • Learning journals

  • Story sacks

  • Cooking

  • Early Science

  • Fun with mathematics

  • Yoga


The Indoor Environment

We believe children learn best from their own experience. We encourage children to take the lead in their play and learning by offering a wide range of activities and resources from which they can choose, according to their interests, likes and dislikes.
The indoor environment is set out so the children are able to access most of the resources and equipment independently. There is a cosy quiet area for those choosing to rest throughout their busy day.

School Pickups

School pickups available from Riverside Primary School